Controllers regulate how much water flows, and when.

They are designed to comply with civil regulations, such as watering every second day only.
There may also be extras, such as not wasting water if it is raining.
Only a few of the many possibilities are featured here.

The Galcon Smart Irrigation controller  (Tricomp Automation)
GSI controller Installing a controller

8100 residential controllerNelson 8100

One-year warranty

Smart Zone

Nelson Smartzone-EZ

Two-year warranty

Wireless controller

Wireless Solorain Programmable Actuator with 1" valve

Two-year warranty

Other wireless controllers are available such as the Solorain 8014 Duralife with its long-life battery (up to 10 years). It works with Nelson valves and can be 1.8 m underwater. Others are the Hunter XCore and the Hunter Node.

The integration of a controller with a valve set defines the programmable irrigation of an area.

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