Rainwater Harvesting

Megason can install innovative water collection and storage systems

Re-using harvested waterTanks can get large and serious. But even urban houses on mains water can have a systems in place to cope with the extended dry periods now expected to come more frequently.

Water is not an abundant resource, yet rain in spouting usually goes to waste. A harvesting system collects the water and stores it for use in dry periods of the year. You can use it for lawn irrigation, when tap water has become too precious to use on grass.

The amount of storage and the distribution methods vary from a small townhouse to a larger life style block. See the tanks page for an idea of the variety available. 

Tanks can form a series. A comprehensive "easy fit" connector kit is included for multiple tank installations.

Featured here is an urban option - the Devan Slimline 1000 litre tank.

Devan S1000 tank
  • Readily fits up against a house.
  • Emergency back-up water supply
  • 2023 mm high, 875 mm wide, and 30kg (when empty).
  • Collects rainwater for you to chose when to use.
  • Non-corroding polyethylene, 10 year warranty.
  • Four colours
Tank colours

Megason can connect  harvesting tanks to your spouting filters, and outlets to irrigation or water pumps for house use.

For general information about minimising water loss, read this water conservation tips pdf.

Talk to us about rain harvesting options.