Commercial and Municipal projects

We have been installing irrigation systems for 35 years.

Commercial irrigation seeks to supply water without damage to nearby inventory, with minimal waste, and at times that do not annoy customers or interfere with late night stock changes.Timing is readily achieved with controllers. delivery will vary. In nurseries for instance, a misted spray in a largely enclosed area works well. 

Large commercial project  
Rose garden

In the case at left, a retirement village, the gardens were to thrive with minimal maintenance. Water was supplied by a dripline visiting each of the roses and the hedge. Irrigation never affected passers-by.

The use of targeted water not only minimises water use, it also limits weed growth. This reduces the cost of maintaining the gardens.

Municipal  project  
RPZ installation in Marborough

Installation in a roundabout garden of a Galcon Tricomp controller with radio communication. The controller is one of a dozen similar controllers, dotted around a set of gardens that border intersections.

The enlargable grid picture at left shows on-line access of the controllers. (Hosted and maintained by Galcon.)

An irrigation fault can not only waste water, it could also be a danger to traffic. These controllers can phone alert a set of key staff. Irrigation can also be remotely turned off when gardeners or road maintenence staff are nearby.

Municipal  project  
RPZ installation in Marborough

Megason Irrigation does water flow work using expertise that has grown out of the plumbing needed for large scale systems.

This is an RPZ or Reduced Pressure Zone device.
It protects water supplies from back flow contaminating the public water supply.

They require a substantial concrete pad as the emergency drain (grey valve underneath the centre) could release a water jet that would undermine the installation.

RPZ installation for Marlborough
District Council sports field

The RPZ was installed in Marlborough. While much of our work is in the Greater Wellington region, we have done installations in Palmerston North and Gisborne. It is a substantial area, but technical irrigation supply is specialized.

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