Residential and Feature Gardens

We have been installing irrigation systems for 35 years.

Residential gardens  
Lawned garden Hidden garden

These two gardens are quite different, even though both are green areas. One is an open walk area with a landscape feel. The other is a hidden treasure, a place of seculsion and peace in a forest.

Use of  pop-up sprinklers and Techline dripline helps the gardener to achieve a manicured garden whether expansive or enclosed.

Small indoor automatic system  
mvc-319x.jpg Indoor systems can vary greatly in water loss. Some are almost closed systems while others are subject to greenhouse heat and high evaporation.

Mosses will appreciate misted water, yet this water can condense on glass and obscure the garden. A good garden is thus a balance of choice of plant, and where they are planted, and of course, appropriate irrigation.

In this case, water was supplied through a dripline  controlled by an automatic valve. The line could be left on the surface, or barely buried, or covered with bark mulch or pea-straw.