Monsoon Tractor

Monsoon tractor

This is a fun 'follow the hose home' sprinkler.

This irrigator is ideal for extra-large lawns, convoluted areas, and areas where you want the moving sprinkler to pass by important plants, such as a transplanted tree.

It also can amuse visitors.


Lay out up to 60 metres of hose, with a final docking ramp near the tap. The hose curves in any broad pattern away to the starting position, where you connect up the monsoon tractor. The front wheels are positioned either side of the hose. Turn on the hose. The water spins the sprinkler arms, and these in turn drive the main back wheels of the tractor. The front wheels guide the tractor back to the docking ramp, towing the hose behind it. On arriving at the docking ramp, the sprinkler then shuts off.

The sprinkler is the Nelson Rain Train 1865

Features and Benefits:

The instructions give 3 pages of details, (before changing language).

For large sport fields and commercial operations, the Rodney Industries RI-10,RI-20,RI-30 irrigators are available.
These are large moving sprinkler systems, quite unlike the residential sprinkler above.

Talk to us about the Monsoon tractor. It can be a birthday gift. We are happy to discuss more extensive irrigation needs if you wish to.