Gear-driven and Spray-driven Sprinklers

Modern sprinklers are designed to efficiently deliver water. Spray heads can rotate and deliver water in defined arcs. They also may be pressure adjusting. Both act to minimize water waste. The head is designed to rest below foliage level (eg grass level), and pop up when water pressure is applied. The head then pivots back and forth across the set arc, jetting out water. The pivoting action can be driven by the spray itself, or by internal gears turned by the flow of water.

The pictures below are not to scale. Sprayheads can be large to cover large areas, and there are smaller ones for residential and other small area applications. We will recommend appropriate sprays to suit the specific application and irrigation needs. The variety allows a wealth of choice. A newer sprayhead for instance is the MP Rotator series which use multiple sprays to ensure an even spread over the wetted area.

Pictured below are some Nelson pop-up spray heads. Hunter, Toro and other quality sprinklers are available.

5500 SeriesNelson 5500 Series Gear-driven sprayheads.
Durability. Ease of installation. Simple Adjustment. The only sprinklers with part & full circle in one. These are just a few characteristics describing the most extensive gear driven line in the turf irrigation industry.

Larger coverage may be achieved by opting for the Nelson 6000 and 7000 series heads.
Also available are the Naan Agricultural and Landscape Sprinklers, Hunter Sprinklers, and more.

Nelson 6300 series

Nelson Pro 6300 series spray-driven sprinklers.

62 mm (2.5") to 300 mm (12") pop-up sprinklers with fixed or adjustable nozzles
The sprinklers self-flush with each retraction of the piston.
The sprinklers have a double-lipped wiper seal designed to prevent sand or debris from entering the sprinkler body.
Five-year warranty

Nelson pop-up spray heads provide effective coverage for residential and commercial applications. Four pop-up heights , Five Multi-Arc nozzles .22 fixed pattern nozzles, three ADV modules and a variety of optional accessories provide for a wide range of installation needs.

Talk to us about selecting suitable sprinklers.