Water Tanks - Large and Small

Megason can install your tank as part of their service.

The two primary suppliers are Devan Tanks and Promax. Megason can connect water tanks to your spouting, fit leaf filters, properly bed and plumb the tanks, and connect outlets to irrigation or to water pumps for house use.

Devan Tanks
Devan tanks range from 600 to 30,000 Litres. You can see the full range on the Devan website .
Devan tank colours

Promax logo Another supplier is Promax, who have corrugated tanks for extra strength. The bigger tanks have a 20 year warranty.

Variety in available tanks is useful when dealing with placing tanks to fit into tree space and aesthetics. You should never have to replace a landscape with a tankscape. Promax have a 5000 L slimline that can usefully solve some placements.

You can source the tanks directly from the supplier if you wish, or Megason can do that for you. Some consultation is advisable to consider cost versus benefit and options for future extensions. (Weather patterns can change.)

Then it is a matter of putting in the tank, pipes and filters.
Promax tanks

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