Electronic controllers switch water flow using durable valves.

Valves connect to pipes, and are usually underground. You want them to be very reliable, and free from problems for years.

The valves fitting smaller pipes are typically used in residential systems, or for small areas which are special zones in a larger system. The  Nelson 7900 series valves incorporate heavy-duty corrosion resistant materials for sturdy and dependable years of service. They have a glass reinforced nylon body bonnet to prevent leaks and breaks, and a stainless-steel plunger and spring to prevent seepage and corrosion. A simple valve design that's easy to use.

Nelson Pro 7900 series


  • Glass reinforced, with or without flow control
  • Manual internal bleed (keeps valve box dry)
  • Bayonet-mounted bonnet with captured diaphragm for quick and easy servicing
  • Flow up to 113 liters per hour

New High grade PVC valve 7500series.gif

  • Simple ,proven design has few moving parts
  • Molded in solenoid seat for tighter tolerance
  • Six stainless steel Phillips head screws

Commercial Valves and accessories

Heavy duty 1.5" & 2" valves

  • Socket union for easy mounting 
  • Five-year warranty

Quick coupling valves keys & swivels
7500 series

These devices use Acme threads for gradual flow control, avoiding on/off water hammer. All models feature a rubber cover. The lavender cover identifies reclaimed water.

We particularly like the Nelson valves - simple, robust and dependable.  Nelson valves were illustrated above, but HunterBermad, Dorot and other manufacturers are also available.

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